Retrofitting of production lines and machines

For us assistance means staying in touch with the customer. That's why we have different modes of intervention, to best solve the various situations.

A) Repairs

We can intervene directly at your company: troubleshooting, repair and testing will be carried out directly in your workplace.
For this kind of intervention, MCR can provide two operating modes:

  • Restore the full functionality of the machine.
  • Modify the machine to eliminate the cause of the failure, and then verify that it is possible to update its functionality to improve productivity by adapting the machine to current standards.

B) On-site revision

Where retrofit is required, we can add a cluster or substantially transform some areas of a machine. Then there is a complete check to ensure that all safety rules are followed, with the consequent creation of a new operating manual.

C) Revision in our site

In the case of more complex interventions, we will take care of transportation and repair / revision at our headquarters, where we will carry out a full check-up of your machine.
This results in a complete disassembly, for the verification of each component. The most worn out will be replaced with new pieces or customized, if they are no longer available on the market. We can also modify the components and/or improve them to increase their efficiency and durability. Once this operation is completed, we will proceed to assembly and testing, with possible recertification in those cases where the machine has undergone a major redevelopment.

Our experience allows us to intervene on lines that have been transformed and completed over the years. We have been working for a long time with companies that can perform "risk analysis", following which we make mechanical and electrical adjustments, with the subsequent supply of a new operating manual and a new certification.