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SPN Dedusting machine for leather

These dedusting machine are built to work individually or combined with other machines such as buffing machine, stacker and staking. They are able to handle hard and semi-rigid leather starting at a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm and with a transport speed between a minimum of 4 meters / minutes and a maximum of 40 meters / minutes, with the possibility of ad hoc changes for the customer. Equipped with an closing/opening system for tilting carpets, they allow a simple and effective cleaning of the blowing heads. They can be supplied with antistatic bars without spark. In addition, the compressor is supplied with suction and discharge filters: it is then possible to filter the inlet air of the headers and minimize the need for maintenance.

SPNV Dedusting machine for soft and thin leather

The peculiar feature of these machines lies in the ability to clean all those types of skins that can not be cleaned with traditional patterns because they bend, roll or lock. With the V system, the skins are retained on special carpets; in this way you can handle them smoothly and avoid folds and twistings. Equipped with a tilting system, they allow quick and efficient cleaning of blowing heads. In addition, the automatic carpet guidance system does not require the intervention of the operator, ensuring a long service life. All machines in this series can be supplied with low-noise blowers and sound absorbing box that can significantly reduce noise, allowing the blower to be installed next to the machine.

SCIROCCO Dedusting machine for soft and thin leather

The Scirocco series is designed to work with very thin, soft and shave-dry leather, coming from a minimum thickness of 0.2 / 0.3 mm. The strong point is a remarkable versatility, which results in the possibility of working skins with very different thicknesses, by adjusting the distance of the air blades from the carpet. The skin follows an “S path” which allows to open the skin fibers better, thus ensuring a deeper and more thorough cleaning on suede skins. It can also improve suede-like leather uniformity from the center to the sides.

INTERCOOLER Buffing machine with water cooling

A peculiar feature of this series is the presence of a fully integrated closed-circuit water cooling system in the machine, which eliminates overheating of the buffing cylinder, to avoid vibration and increase the duration of abrasive papers. In addition, the buffing cylinder is made of thick steel tubes with a larger diameter. The peculiar angle of contact with the transport roller allows to work with all types of skin: heavy and / or rigid ones follow an almost linear path, while the softer ones get off first and more easily without being "pulled" in the machine. The rubber roller support guides are of high precision type. In addition, a special pneumatic drive blade is provided to ensure perfect sealing of the skins. Particular attention also to be found in the suction hood, which is able to be adjusted independently on both the top and bottom of the buffing cylinder, thus allowing the grinding of light and / or thin skins, while avoiding the dispersion of dust towards the operator. The electric part of the buffing machine is placed in a CE locker, while the operator's command is inserted into a suspended electric panel. Complete the equipment, a command that increases the grinding on the heads.