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INTERCOOLER Buffing machine with water cooling

A peculiar feature of this series is the presence of a fully integrated closed-circuit water cooling system in the machine, which eliminates overheating of the buffing cylinder, to avoid vibration and increase the duration of abrasive papers. In addition, the buffing cylinder is made of thick steel tubes with a larger diameter. The peculiar angle of contact with the transport roller allows to work with all types of skin: heavy and / or rigid ones follow an almost linear path, while the softer ones get off first and more easily without being "pulled" in the machine. The rubber roller support guides are of high precision type. In addition, a special pneumatic drive blade is provided to ensure perfect sealing of the skins. Particular attention also to be found in the suction hood, which is able to be adjusted independently on both the top and bottom of the buffing cylinder, thus allowing the grinding of light and / or thin skins, while avoiding the dispersion of dust towards the operator. The electric part of the buffing machine is placed in a CE locker, while the operator's command is inserted into a suspended electric panel. Complete the equipment, a command that increases the grinding on the heads.